Here’s where Xur is in Destiny 2 today, and what you should buy from him

Xûr is Destiny 2’s Exotic gear merchant. He appears every weekend to sell the game’s most coveted items in exchange for Legendary shards, but if you’re a casual player with limited shards to spend, it can be hard to know which of his wares is most worth your investment. That’s where we come in.

Xûr appears every Friday at 17:00 GMT (9:00 Pacific), and will stick around until the Tuesday reset. We’ll update this guide shortly after he arrives, so if you’re reading this, you need only read on to learn where he is, and which are the best items he’s selling this week. Ever since the Forsaken expansion, Xûr’s icon no longer appears on your director, so he’s not quite as easy to track down as he used to be. That said, his appearances in the EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Io, and The Tower have so far been in the same places he frequented in vanilla Destiny 2. So if you’ve been following Destiny 2 from the start, you should have no problem finding the merchant’s spots.

Xûr is back on Io this week, at Giant’s Scar. He is selling:

  • Lord of Wolves, an Exotic shotgun, for 29 legendary shards
  • Sanguine Alchemy, Exotic Warlock chest armour, for 23 legendary shards
  • St0mp-EE5,  Exotic Hunter leg armour, for 23 legendary shards
  • Dunemarchers, Exotic Titan leg armour, for 23 legendary shards

Lord of Wolves had a period where it absolutely broke PvP, and while it’s been brought down in power it’s still an immensely useful tool in both PvE and Crucible. Release the Wolves lets you swap between the standard solar energy burst and a longer, more powerful version of the shot – which can take down enemies in a flash and works as both a defensive and offensive tool. If you want to compete in Crucible this weekend, you’re going to want this shotty by your side.

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Sanguine Alchemy gives you Heightened Senses, which lets you continue to use your radar while in ADS. Nearby enemies will be marked so that you can track them without line of site, too. Yes, this perk is pretty dull. You can probably put together a build that supports it well enough – and the armour looks cool enough that maybe that’d be worthwhile – but in terms of usefulness, there are many better ways to spend your shards.

St0mp-EE5 makes for a wonderful mobility tool, enhancing what’s already a Hunter’s best asset. Better sprint speed and slide distance, as well as improvement for your basic air boosters like High Jump, Strafe Jump, and Triple Jump. You’ve also got reduced grenade cooldown and more frequent drops for primary ammo – in short, these boots let you do everything you normally can, but faster. That makes them very useful for closing the distance in PvP, and can be quite handy for pesky jumping puzzle in PvE, too. A versatile tool, even if it doesn’t have the flashier perks of other Exotics.

Dunemarchers have Linear Actuators, which increases sprint speed and allows your sprints to build up a static charge. If you wrote this one off early on, give it a second look – the charge-up time has been significantly reduced, and the chain damage from the chain lightning that results has gone way up, too. Combined with the more general buffs for Titan melee around Forsaken, this one is a very attractive option.

Credit: Here’s where Xur is in Destiny 2 today, and what you should buy from him