Knock Em Down Game Review

Knock Em Down is a modern day take on whack a mole. The crossbrowser game app introduces a 60 second countdown whereby the player has a limited time to whack as many characters as possible with a hammer, aiming to get the highest score possible in the designated time.

The characters are friendly monsters who have dug up a back yard, causing havoc on the garden. Players play “the gardener” through this thrill seeking gameplay.

Bonuses and powerups happen when the players can hit more than 5 monsters in a row without hitting any of the “traps,” that in turn, deduct points from the overall score.

Traps are random skull and cross bones that deduct 100 points from the player if hit. The monsters are worth +10, +20 & +30 points repectively, based on the type of monster. The game also includes “star bonus powerups”, which are +40 points, and give the player the chance to climb the leader board.

This game is definitely a reflex & hand-coordination game which keeps players on the edge of their seat. Even better, players can keep playing for the highest scores as multiple plays of the games are allowed.

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